Episode 11 – Overcoming fears and phobias with Fear Strategist Keith Blakemore-Noble

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As for the Fear Strategist, Keith Blakemore-Noble helps people to transform their deepest fears into their greatest strengths, and has helped over 5,000 people to transform their lives since 2010.  

For some, it’s all about conquering their phobias; for other’s, it’s overcoming that nagging voice in their head filling them with self-doubt or imposter syndrome; for yet others it’s conquering fears around playing a bigger game and stepping up to the next level; and for yet other’s it’s all about overcoming stage fright or audition anxiety, etc.  He knows a thing of two about conquering fears and phobias himself – for far too many years he himself he suffered from chronic social anxiety which made him painfully shy, crushingly lonely as a result, and his career hit its limits because of this. He started studying cutting edge neurosciences, conquered his “stuff”, and then left a 20 year career in IT to take up the much more rewarding path of helping others to conquer their fears. 

This has lead Keith to speak to groups small and very large crowds in multiple countries across 3 different continents, as well as bringing his unique blend of hypnosis and magic to the stage to both entertain and educate he also has several 1-on-1 private work with clients literally around the world via the wonders of the internet.  

He has compiled and published several books and is in the process of writing his own book on phobias during 2019.

To check out Keith’s remarkable work and case studies please check him out on social media via: 

Website – https://KeithBlakemoreNoble.com

Facebook – https://facebook.com/KeithBlakemoreNoble

YouTube – https://youtube.com/keithblakemorenoble

LinkedIn – https://linkedin.com/in/keithblakemorenoble

Instagram – https://instagram.com/keithblakemorenoble

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