Ep 048 -Overcoming the perfect storm, with former Royal Engineer and Crisis Negotiator – Steve Hardy

Ep 048 -Overcoming the perfect storm, with former Royal Engineer and Crisis Negotiator – Steve Hardy

“The best version of me is realizing that after 46 years, the only person I need to please is myself. To just believe 100% in your vision, you don’t need to know everything, you don’t need to be an expert- you just need to start.”

Steve Hardy began his career as a Royal Engineer following in the footsteps of his brother and even joining him on base. After he served as a Royal Engineer he joined the police and had a spent 22 years within the police working his way up the ranks. 

Steve was promoted after just 5 years and developed his skills and experiences finally become a crisis negotiator in the force working in some of the most pressured and sensitive situations. 

As a crisis negotiator he saved the lives of many communicating with people at their times of greatest vulnerability mastering the art of communication. 

Unfortunately sometimes there is not a right thing to say and in 2018 amongst a collection of personal and work related stresses Steve broke his hypothetical camels back. 

He found himself on a cliff and wasn’t able to save the women who stood in front of him which created the perfect storm. 

Following a fight with PTSD overcoming his demons Steve now has created Elite Level Comms. Through this he works to help transform more lives and share his story with even more people. 

Tune in to hear more on his story and what Steve is doing now. You can also follow him on instagram @EliteLevelComms. 

Keep being the best version of you. – AJ

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