Ep 047 – You’ll never walk alone, with former Royal Marine Commando – Andy Grant

Ep 047 – You’ll never walk alone – with former Royal Marine Commando Andy Grant

“The way I view it now, as I look back is life’s a roller coaster. It’s full of highs, and it’s full of lows. The highs don’t last forever, but neither do the lows. The one thing to remember is to enjoy it because you only get to ride it once.”

It was February 2009 on a routine foot patrol when Andy, from Liverpool, was hit by an IED (improvised explosive device) while serving with the formidable Royal Marines in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Andy has braved the heaviest of storms, from losing his mother to leukaemia at just 12, to being hit by a bomb at just 20, and subsequently having his right leg amputated. It’s easy to highlight the debilitating hardships he’s had to endure.

But the story this former royal marine carries with him, and more importantly, what he’s done in response to everything he’s been through, would leave anyone thankful for what they have today.

Andy’s tale isn’t just one to glance at with respect for what he’s been through – there’s inspiration for anyone, even the mere lazy. And one that says there really is hope in facing a life of disability, to see the things you can do, rather than what you can’t.

Andy is now a best selling author, an Invictus game gold medalist, world record holder, sought-after public speak and host of the popular Leg It podcast.

He shows us once again, even in the harshest of times, that everyone of us can turn a negative into a positive and be the very best versions of ourselves.

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