Ep 051 – What does it mean to be The Best Version Of You (LIVE RECORDING)

In this episode I look back on the last 50 episodes of the Best Version Of You podcast and what that really means to me and has meant to all my guests.
I work as a coach to change lives helping people to gain confidence and improve their business and cashflow. All of that is about helping each person I work with to become the best version of themselves whatever that may look like. 
TBVOY Podcast has been a journey for me and you, which I explore in this episode.
Personal growth is an endless pursuit; if you aren’t listening, then you aren’t learning.
So if you are looking to become more then get in touch. Or if you know anyone including yourself who would be a great guest to the show then get in touch via enquiries@mrajroberts.com and let me know. As always, dropping a 5 star review on iTunes is greatly appreciated too.
But to round up the 51st episode there is one thing left to say… Keep being the best version of you. 
Until next time, AJ Roberts.

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