Ep 061 – Becoming a high performing entrepreneur after the military with former British soldier Stefan Wesley (LIVE RECORDING)

Stefan Wesley “The Digital Commando”, is a former British Armed Forces Communications Specialist, turned Tech Mogul. Currently located in Dubai, Stefan is the CEO of Sigma Digital and Founder of The Digital Commando Academy, where he empowers Freelancers and Digital Agencies with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to create highly-effective marketing strategies and campaigns that turn Startups into 7-figures Businesses.

I invited Stefan onto The AJ Roberts Show, as through my own experience it takes a special inner- character to leave the forces and not only start your own business, but one that becomes extremely successful in a short space of time, and what qualities you can tap in to from the military to help create a successful lifestyle upon leaving.

Tune in for some epic lessons on entrepreneurship!

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