Ep 063 – Climbing a mountain carrying a washing machine for mental health awareness with Enda O’Doherty (LIVE RECORDING)

We have another special LIVE episode for you tonight on The AJ Roberts Show to bring you more real truths that the public deserve to know.

We are joined by two special guests this time. My good friend and the host of the Pandemic Podcast Dan Astin-Gregory, and Medical expert and pharmaceutical development specialist Dr Jane Ruby from the United States, who is also a senior advisor to the Senate.

Dan has been reporting on the pandemic ever since things went sour in China and has had everyone from nobel prize winning scientists, medical experts, psychologists to nurses on the front line on his show, all sharing real life accounts and real science that’s being censored and hidden to great lengths by main stream media and big tech.

Dr Jane Ruby brings over 20 years medical expert experience to the table and also reports daily on the growing concerns in the US but is also the only medical professional to have found the connection between magnetofection and the current experimental treatments being pushed out around the world. Dr Jane is joining us to explain all on the show and why the people of the UK, Aus and NZ need to hear how the big impact and corruption in the US causing terrible rollover consequences on our own shores that millions have been blind to.

You do not want to miss this special episode!

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