Ep 064 Shining a light on the real truths in the UK medical industry – with Dr Sam White

Dr Sam White has been a qualified doctor for the last 17 years. The last 11 of which he has spent in Primary Care; helping to run a Palliative Care Hospice; and also working in his local Emergency Department.

He is a current active member of the International Lyme & Associated Disease Society (ILADS) and the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). He has recently opened a private clinic focused on Functional Medicine to help those battling with chronic ill health- his mission being to use evidenced based Functional Medicine to get to the true root cause of ill health- rather than simply masking symptoms with lifelong prescription drugs.

Just over a week ago he had a grand total of 11 followers on Twitter, and a little over 100 followers on Instagram: drsamuelwhite. It’s fair to say that his follower count literally changed overnight, and he has been inundated with interview requests since. After noticing a tweet regarding Covid19 asking ‘what are all the doctors doing about this??’ Dr Sam felt compelled to reply via a short video, revealing his true reasons for resigning his job for life as a GP partner at the beginning of the year. Across all platforms his video went viral reaching over 1 million views before being removed- and not by Dr Sam. His video spoke of the immense depth and scale of lies over the last 15 months- including indiscriminate and fraudulent testing, to the mandatory masks, and especially his fears over the safety of experimental va££ines, along with the simultaneous and deliberate withholding of cheap off patent, and proven effective treatments for the virus.

Tune in to listen to what the main-stream media has been trying so hard to hide from you, and as a voice for thousands of doctors and nurses who have been threatened and too afraid to speak out.

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