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Dec 21, 2023 - Dec 22, 2023

Spiritual Cleansing Series with AJ and Farrah December

  • 2Days
  • 1Step


Part 2 of our life changing Spiritual Cleansing Series. What does it mean to spiritually detox and purify? The spiritual body, the etheric body, the emotional body and the physical body, these all hold layers and levels of trauma, belief systems, programs and AI. Some of these things are our stuff, some of them are not. Regardless of where these things come from we have to take full responsibility for our reality, what we called in and what we have unconsciously been subjected to and consented to. In this course we are going to break down what it means to purify and ascend , the mechanics of AI, your different bodies, soul choice points and consent, contracts and vows, the C vaccine, the ascension recycling process and energetically clearing the four bodies. NOTE: As before all calls are recorded for future use if you miss anything or want to revisit, and you will receive everything you need with all the slides and notes in. 1 course - 2 days - a lifetime of abundance, personal growth and healing! We can't wait to see you on the inside!




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