My passion for giving back

Where it started for me...

I have been involved in raising money for charity and volunteering to help others ever since I was a teenager. For me, helping others to improve their lives is what drives me, it’s my drug. My passion. Seeing the smile on someone’s face as a direct result of the positive impact you’ve had is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have.

I have raised thousands of pounds over the years by completing arduous events for Help for Heroes, Combat Stress, The Royal Engineers Association and Cancer Research. All of which are very close to my heart.

Charities close to my heart

A game changing charity

In October 2019 however, I was approached by a phenomenal charity – Melqosh Mission International. A non-profit charity who focuses on improving the lives of thousands of amputees, rape victims and orphans of the brutal civil war in Sierra Leone.

In January 2020 I travelled to Freetown, Sierra Leone on a medical and empowerment mission where I helped hundreds of amputees by delivering desperately needed medication, vaccines and mobility aids to the amputee village.

From day one I had a massive impact on the people as they did me. As well as administer aid to hundreds of men, women and children, I helped empower them to improve their lives and to try and be the best versions of themselves on a daily basis. By changing their mindset it not only helped them see things in a more positive approach, but many have taken massive action to improve their lives as they seek to become educated, start a small business, find work or even travel.

I am now an official Executive Patron for Melqosh Mission. I will return to Freetown each year to carry on the good work I have started along with a team of volunteers comprising of anyone who wants to join us and make a difference. There is endless amounts of opportunity in Sierra Leone to make a huge and rewarding impact whilst helping thousands of people lead a better life.

In 2020 we are focusing on finishing off the school being built in the village. This will have a huge and positive effect on the entire village and educate many children, giving them a far brighter future. Education in Sierra Leone really is POWER!

Join me in my mission

If you would like to join my team and have an experience of a lifetime, please complete the form on this page. Likewise, we continually seek to partner with corporate sponsors who would like to make a massive difference in the lives of thousands of men, women and children. We seek partners in Education, Healthcare, Construction, Sport and Business.

To donate to Melqosh Mission, our 100% non-profit charity today, please click DONATE and your donation will go directly to the amputees, rape victims and orphans of the Sierra Leone Civil War.

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Any donation will be forever appreciated and you will always see exactly where your donation goes.  

Sierra Leone January, 2020

My visit in pictures does not tell the story, you too can make a huge difference to the lives of these people

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