Ep 041 – Saving lives and building an army to do the same with All Call Signs founders Dan Arnold & SJ James

‘ If we save the life of just one person then we’re doing our job!’

Former British Soldiers Dan Arnold and SJ James, both from 2nd Battalion Prince of Wales Royal Regiment, suffered mental health problems individually through their army careers. Not just through ugly combat experiences but problems joining the military can fuel. It’s a hidden, underlying problem that often goes unnoticed or is kept quiet to avoid denting pride.

After both going through terrible bouts of PTSD the lads came together and formed an unbelievable business called All Call Signs, a peer-to-peer chat app for in need servicemen, women and veterans, where if life, in or out of the uniform has got you down and you need someone to talk to, your brothers and sisters in arms are here.

Today on The Best Version Of You, the guys tell the amazing story of how they battled their own issues, used their experiences to start this formidable business which to date has saved the lives of an incredible amount of people, and how they deservedly won a recent Millies Award for their efforts.

All Call Signs continues to build a huge following around the UK and volunteers eager to help at the drop of a hat as collectively they make the welfare of all our service personnel and veterans paramount.

Please join their ranks by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @allcallsigns and help support the amazing work they do on a daily basis.

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