Ep 042 – COVID-19 Special with Richard Sharp, CEO of Team Rubicon UK and the fight against Coronavirus

‘ Our country is in the middle of something never before seen since World War 2, and we are in the thick of it helping save lives ‘ 

Richard Sharp, former Royal Marine Captain, knows a thing or two when it comes to planning and executing operations from his time in the formidable Royal Marine Commandos.

Now he is putting all his skills, values and standards to the test as the CEO of one of the finest operational relief charity organisations in our country – Team Rubicon UK, and they are working day and night in the fight against COVID-19 on our very shores.

Today, on the Best Version Of You, Richard shares how Team Rubicon is by and large an international aid organisation made up of hundreds of volunteers, mainly British Forces Veterans, who at the drop of a hat fly out to remote areas around the world that have been struck by natural disasters. These missions are run like a military operation and it’s because of this that they always have such a huge success rate wherever they fly in to.

Right now we are facing a battle on our own shores – the vicious Coronavirus and Team Rubicon UK is asking for Veterans around the country to come together with their values and standards that we all uphold and unite with Team Rubicon to save as many lives as possible.

To volunteer, simply head to the website at www.teamrubiconuk.org and fill in the online forms. Likewise feel free to get in touch with Richard direct on LinkedIn and Facebook. If you ever wanted to make a difference, the time is NOW!

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