Ep 045 – From a 5% chance of living, learning to walk again through cancer and breaking a cycling world record – with James Golding

” In February 2009, as I was being rushed into emergency surgery, doctors told my family I wouldn’t make it through the night. Eight years later, in June 2017, I became a cycling world record holder “

At the age of 28, James’s life was mapped out, when suddenly, in November 2008,  he was diagnosed with an 11.5cm tumour lodged between his bowel, kidney and spine. By the time he had surgery, he’d gone from 14 stone (196) to just 6 stone (84lbs). He was given less than 5% chance of survival. 

After doctors worked a miracle with his operation, and two weeks in an induced coma, James started the long road to recovery.

Having rebuilt his body and relearnt how to walk, James has gone on to cycle many of the world’s toughest events but suffered countless setbacks. Whilst riding across America in 2010, he was hit by a truck. In 2011, after riding across America again, his cancer returned.

Since surviving cancer for a second time, James continues to challenge himself and In June 2017, he set a new world record for the most distance cycled in seven days.

Described by The Mirror as ‘the man who refuses to die’, James now works with professional sporting teams, leading organisations and businesses, charities, universities and schools, using his experiences to help anybody, of any age, set goals and overcome the challenges that life puts in their path.

James travels to world delivering his ‘ One Step At a Time’ presentations where he focuses on the power of a positive mind and mental resilience to overcome adversity, deal with change and thrive in the most difficult of circumstances.

James’s story is living proof that anything is possible, you just need to take it one step at a time!

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