Ep 046 – Stabbed, blown up by a terrorist bomb and shot. All in a days work, with former SO19 police officer Helen Barnett.

” Stabbed, caught up in an IRA bomb,  and shot in a firearms siege, all whilst being the first ever mother to join the elite SO19 Armed Response Unit in the Metropolitan Police. “

Former Police Officer, Helen Barnett has one hell of an incredible story to tell.  These incidents however, resulted in her being medically discharged with a diagnosis of PTSD. Today on The Best Version Of You, Helen talks about how she felt she lost her identity and sense of purpose, but how fitness became her coping mechanism. Helen has had a long road to recovery and this continues to this day.

Helen joined the Met Police in 1984, and immediately set the standards for her career after being awarded the Baton of Honour for top student during training. In a fast-paced and action-packed career Helen was stabbed multiple times, caught up in an IRA bomb in London and also shot in a firearms siege. For her bravery on more than one occasion she was awarded the Queens Commendation for Bravery – thoroughly deserved.

After being diagnosed with PTSD and subsequently discharged from the force, Helen takes great pride in helping others by working with great charities like Woodland Warriors and Rock to Recovery, which lead to her recently breaking a world record in deadlifting with a group of veterans. A credit to the lady who always put herself in harms way to protect others.

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