Ep 110 – What really makes you ill – With Dawn Lester and David Parker

Today on the AJ Roberts Show we are very lucky to be joined by co-authors of the massively popular book ‘ What Really Makes You Ill ‘ – Dawn Lester and David Parker. This book has taken Dawn and David 10 years of thorough research into what actually makes us ill, taking us on a journey into 4 key areas which show up in different forms in our bodies. Poor nutrition Over exposure to toxins from water, air, food, even clothing EMF radiation Stress We cover in great detail just how much in recent times these elements actually make us ill but we’re told otherwise through mass indoctrination whether that be from our television, teachers, doctors and scientists. I guarantee every single person who tunes in will put two and two together very quickly, and relate to many occurances within your own life that what you think makes you ill isn’t quite what it seems!