Episode 039 – From losing his legs to a Taliban bomb to climbing the worlds highest peaks with former British Soldier Justin Davis

” Suddenly I heard those two dreaded words…… MAN DOWN, MAN DOWN. After wiping the dust from my eyes and mouth, I looked around to see who it was, then suddenly realised…… IT WAS ME! “

It was December 2011 and Justin was serving in Afghanistan on Op Herrick 15 with his unit 2nd Battalion The Rifles.His team was crashed out to help evacuate another platoon who had a casualty and needed extracting. Justin was one of the teams search operatives where he would often search areas that the Taliban would likely plant roadside bombs or improvised explosive devices (IED’s). During the extraction Justin broke into a tree line to clear a route for his team to follow. His next step would change his life forever……….. BANG!

Justin, laid on his back, came to his senses after the blast and suddenly realised he had lost both legs, and the ends of two fingers on his right hand. His team administered first aid extremely quickly and the next thing he remembers was waking up in the QE hospital in Birmingham, UK. This was the beginning of a long journey ahead in recovery.

Today on the Best Version Of You, Justin shares with us how he has forged a robust and resilient mindset since day one of waking up in hospital. Something that has helped him achieve many things he previously thought he couldn’t. He has gone on to test his body and mind to it’s limits by setting goals and achieving them. Since his recovery he has climbed Mont Blanc, the highest point in Europe, and more recently scaled Mount Kilimanjaro……. with no legs!

Justin is now starting to share his story through public speaking. Something I have no doubt he’ll succeed in. His story of sheer determination and discipline to become the best version of himself, despite his injuries is phenomenal, and one so many of us can learn from.

This is one episode you truly don’t want to miss!

To contact Justin, you can reach him on Facebook and Instagram @justin_oliver_davis.

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