Episode 040 – From alcohol, drug abuse and attempted suicide to surviving certain death while cycling around the world – with Josh Quigley.

” One minute I am pedalling away on the highway in Texas and the next thing I know I wake up in hospital after being hit from behind by a car at 70mph! “

Josh Quigley, from Livingston in Scotland was cycling during the evening along the highway in Texas as part of his quest to cycle around the world when he was struck at full force by a car, from behind at 70mph. The collision, which in theory should have killed him, landed him in a hospital in the US and being treated for breaks, dislocations and severe bruising from pretty much head to toe.

The sport which saved his life, almost resulted in him losing it that night in Texas. Josh, however feels that his deeply rooted beliefs and the great care he received resulted in his extremely fast recovery. Something the doctors had Neve witness in their hospital before.

Josh’s life hasn’t always revolved around cycling. In fact quite the opposite. As a promising young footballer, Josh unfortunately did what many young lads get caught up in…… drink, drugs and girls. In fact things got so bad for Josh at one point, he couldn’t see a way out and attempted suicide. Not long after this Josh witnessed a talk by Sir Chris Hoy, the olympic and world cycling legend. Josh immediately found himself absorbed in the cycling world. This helped him with his mental health and helped get away from the crippling lifestyle of drink and drugs.

Josh’s new found love lead him to attempt to cycle around the world. He returned early has he suddenly felt happy with his life and turned. leaf from his once troubled self. A few attempts later and being 100% committed to the challenge Josh was at the tail end of his world trip when he was badly injured in Texas.

Now back in the UK, Josh is recovering well and in training to finish off his challenge. This is only the beginning of his quest to WIN the Tour De France. Something that he is adamant about as he quotes ” If you’re not believing in yourself then what is the alternative?”.

With his sheer determination to succeed and never be beaten, Josh really shows us what it means to be The Best Version Of You.

To get in touch with Josh, you can reach him on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

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