Episode 33 – From the NFL to Mountaineering, Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy; Hear Mark Pattison’s story!

Today on The Best Version Of You, we are joined by none other than former NFL and LA Raiders legend Mark Pattison.

Mark, a former LA Raiders wide receiver,  has played in the NFL, founded several multi-million dollar companies, raised money to build wells in Tanzania, is a key Executive at the world famous Sports Illustrated magazine, and is well on his way to becoming the first NFL player to climb the Seven Summits. 

As well as all of this he still finds time to inspire and motivate people and organisations around the world with his sensational talks and via his awesome podcast – Finding Your Summit.

Mark is clearly a very driven individual and in todays episode he shows a mountain of inspiration that will help just about anybody out there who has set their sights on future goals and just what you can achieve.

I truly believe this episode is perfect timing for anyone realigning their goals for 2020 and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Mark Pattison to share is amazing experience and wisdom with everyone.

He really does show us how to be the Best Version Of You!

To reach out to Mark you can find him on @markpattisonnfl,  on Facebook @NFL2SevenSummits and via his website. markpattisonnfl.com

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