Episode 34 – Taking your body to it’s extremities, and creating the rock solid mindset to do it with multiple world record holder Damien Rider

Damien Rider is an Author, Multiple World Record Ultra Adventure Athlete, Creator of One Breath Meditation – Cold Immersion Meditation and a Global Motivational Speaker. 

Recognised for his global daring challenges, his International humanitarian work and physical feats as a speaker in TED talk Asia and US, plus  featured baton barer during the 2018 Commonwealth Games and as a keynote speaker in Australia for the Royal Commission responses into Institutionalised Sexual Child Abuse. 

His work and dedication has lead him to become one of the most respected Wellness and Mindset Coach and Expert globally.  Always finding the positive in everything in life, he has an undeniable resilience to keep moving forward.  He continues to test and challenge himself to discover what is possible mentally and physically sharing his discoveries with others.

Imagine paddling solo, 800km for 17 days, in the most shark-infested summer Australia has ever seen. Skateboarding 4000km for 56 days along the length of Route 66, through the scorching Mojave Desert (at 55 degree heat) for 24 hours non-stop. Both being made into movies – The Heart Of The Sea, and Rise Above.  Completing all of these challenges after being told it was impossible. 

Damien shares with us how one can get to a point where your body shuts down before your mind is ready to stop, and all for a reason much bigger than the challenges themselves. Other ‘World Firsts’ and World Records include, running a marathon carrying a 36lbs mattress, Live streaming his entire marathon run and even riding a 1950s rickshaw 180 miles. All to show the world why you should never give up, why you should never give in!

If you are looking for some inspiration and some insane value then DO NOT MISS this episode.

To reach out to Damien you can find him on Instagram @damienrider, Facebook @damienriderspeaker and via his website – www.damienrider.com.

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