Episode 36 – How to create the mindset of a champion with multiple Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion Swimmer Ollie Hynd MBE

What does it take to create the mindset of a champion? 

What sacrifices must one make in order to stand on the podium and win that gold medal?

Today on Motivation Monday on The Best Version Of You show, Ollie Hynd MBE shares with us his story of how he has overcome physical and mental adversity to be one the brightest young stars in British and world sport by winning multiple gold medals and world titles all whilst living with neuromuscular myopathy and associated limb deformities.

In 2008, Ollie got to witness his brother win gold in Beijing. Already spending hours in the pool, this spurred Ollie on and forged a dream to stand on the podium himself at the London games in 2012. Many hours of sweat, pain and discipline lead to Ollie achieving his goal and dream, not only representing his country but by standing tall on the podium, in London and taking gold.

This was the catalyst to multiple world titles and future gold medals including Rio 2016 and the training camps to come gearing up for this years Tokyo games.

Ollie shares with us today what it really takes to build a solid mindset, the importance of surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people, and what any of us can do if we have a dream and vision we truly believe in.

To reach out to Ollie, you can find him on Instagram @olliehyndgb on Twitter @olliehyndgb and his website for any enquiries – www.olliehynd.co.uk

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