Episode 37 – Inspiring and empowering people to overcome adversity and achieve more with Olympic Champion Danielle Brown MBE

After becoming disabled as a teenager with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Danielle realised very quickly that even during adversity we all have a choice. You can either choose to let things outside of your control defeat you, or choose to control how you respond to it.

Today on The Best Version Of You show, Danielle shares how she discovered archery at 15 years old and how three years later she was representing Team GB – jumping straight to number one in the world.

Danielle managed to maintain her title as the world’s best throughout her entire career whilst winning gold in Beijing and again in London in 2012 on home soil. She also became the first disabled person in history to represent England as an able-bodied competitor in the 2010 Commonwealth games.

Nowadays, Danielle works as a keynote speaker, trainer and coach. She focuses on helping others unlock their true potential and break down barriers. Something she is extremely passionate about and is a reflection on the large number of people she has helped. Especially the younger generation, empowering them to develop strong foundations for success through her online program ‘Your Journey To Success’ which helps young people develop stronger mental health and perform better in exams. 

Danielle’s latest achievement is publishing a book she co-authored called ‘Be Your Best Self: Life skills for unstoppable kids’. A children’s self-development book released in Oct 2019 with a 9 year old Nathan Kye.

Today Danielle shares with us what it really means to be The Best Version Of You and how any of us can overcome adversity by not letting it defeat you!

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