Episode 38 – Surviving civil war in the Balkans, working as a stunt woman on Dwayne Johnson movies, and becoming a successful entrepreneur with Deana Durisic

Deana Durisic didn’t follow the normal path of every other school kid upon graduating high school in Brisbane, Australia. The majority of her year group got drunk for a week. Deana decided to move to the Balkans where her Father was from and explore some of the world.

Unfortunately this decision didn’t go as expected and Deana soon found herself caught up in the gruesome civil war, surrounded by shelling and genocide on every corner. 

After 18 months, Deana made it back to Australia. It was upon her return, she used her bad life experiences to her advantage. She quickly became a professional Salsa dancer, learned martial arts, participated in various sports, and soon found herself being employed as a stunt woman. Something she never dreamed she’d end up doing. This role gave her the opportunity to work with some of the finest actors and film crews around and she has been fortunate to work alongside Dwayne Johnson among many.

After being in the film industry for several years Deana decided to go all-in on her own production company – Apollo films. A company she has built from the ground up and is ever expanding. As well as offices in Brisbane, newly opening in Sydney, Apollo films also aims to reach Europe in the not so distant future.

As well as making waves in the film industry Deana runs her own coaching business where she works with people all over the world to help them find their purpose and has an impressive track record of success with her clients that matches the success she’s had with her own accolades.

Deana’s key message is that in order to live a happy and fulfilled life you MUST find your purpose and do what your’e passionate about. Do not get caught up in what society ‘says’ you should do, and refuse to listen to the nay-sayers. – Be the best version of you, and you WILL succeed.

To reach out to Deana please contact her on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn @deanadurisic.

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