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People often ask me, “what made you start a podcast?". My message is always the same..... "I am ADDICTED to helping and developing other people. It’s my drug, my drive, my passion".

What can you expect

Interviewing inspiring guests from the world of sport, business, entertainment, government and military, from all over the world, creates a fantastic platform for all of my audience to be inspired and motivated to become the best version of themselves.

I often talk about surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive people who lift you up. The guests I have on the show, the stories they share and the energy they bring do exactly that.

Whether you’re someone who suffers from depression, stress & anxiety, low self-esteem or wanting to strengthen your mindset. There is something for everybody in every episode.

I conclude my reply by stating that having my own podcast started as a dream, a vision, that I visualised daily until I made it happen. And that’s exactly what you should do relentlessly until you succeed in what you want to do. Every single one of us are capable of it!

If you would like me to feature as a guest on your podcast, radio station or TV show, or you would like to appear as a guest on The AJ Roberts Show, then please contact me via the below link.


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A few reviews....

I was honoured when AJ asked me to be a guest on his podcast! We had a really great conversation about my career and what it takes to be a pro athlete. I have also gone on to listen to some of AJ’s podcasts with other guests and really believe there’s so much value to be gained, no matter what walk of life! Highly recommended!
Ollie Hynd (MBE)
Awesome podcast
I saw AJ went to Sierra Leone and helped lots of people after following him on LinkedIn. To hear his episode about lessons learned has massively inspired me and I can only imagine the positive impact he had on the people. If you want to listen to a motivational podcast from one of the best coaches I’ve come across then this is for you!
Mike Bunning
So inspiring
Thank you for bringing out this podcast AJ! This has literally given me a different perspective on life goals and helped change my mindset on how I tackle them. I look forward to every new episode. Everyone should download and listen to AJ’s fantastic content and from his amazing guests.
The Boss Lady
The Best

A few of our earlier episodes

Feb 16 2020

Episode 38 - Surviving civil war in the Balkans, working as a stunt woman on Dwayne Johnson movies, and becoming a successful entrepreneur with Deana Durisic

Deana Durisic didn’t follow the normal path of every other school kid upon graduating high school in Brisbane, Australia. The majority of her year group got drunk for a week. Deana decided to move to the Balkans where her Father was from and explore some of the world. Deana shares her story to success in this edition of “The AJ Roberts Show”.

Feb 10 2020

Episode 36 - How to create the mindset of a champion with multiple Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion Swimmer - Ollie Hynd MBE

Ollie Hynd MBE shares with us his story of how he has overcome physical and mental adversity to be one the brightest young stars in British and world sport by winning multiple gold medals and world titles all whilst living with neuromuscular myopathy and associated limb deformities.

Jan 24 2020

Episode 35 - Lessons from Sierra Leone and how we can all do something good in 2020

On 4 Jan I embarked on a trip of a lifetime. I travelled to Sierra Leone, to the capital – Freetown to help hundreds of amputees and rape victims of the barbaric war that plagued the country between 1991 and 2002. Learn about my mission and experience by listening to this episode today!

Nov 20 2019

Episode 30 - Bald, Brave and Bloody Beautiful, with cancer survivor Danielle McDermott

Currently, one in two people will unfortunately suffer from some form of cancer in their lives. In this episode of The AJ Roberts Show, I am joined by one of my coaching mentees, the amazing Danielle McDermott. Danielle shares her story to show that there really is light at the end of the tunnel and that you really can enjoy a fulfilled future.

Jan 12 2019

Episode 1 - The Best Version Of You Intro

This podcast on The AJ Roberts Show has been several months in the making. It’s something I’m hugely passionate about and something that I hope you will get huge amounts of value from to help you become the best version of YOU! This episode is purely an introduction into me, your host, so you understand my background and how I’ve used all my experiences to become a high-performance coach.

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