The Best Version Of You


AJ Roberts

A 15 year distinguished British Forces veteran and leader

Using my well developed experience, skills and qualifications combined, I help others along their journeys to become the best version of themselves through my coaching programs, speaking engagements and podcast – The Best Version Of You.


The best version of you podcast

FEB 10, 2020

Inspiring and empowering people to overcome adversity and achieve more with Olympic Champion Danielle Brown MBE.

Jan 27 2020

Overcoming physical & mental adversity whilst living with neuromuscular myopathy and associated limb deformities.

JAN 24 2020

I dive into the mission giving you an insight into our work & the people who will forever leave an impression on anyone who meets them.


My Projects

I have been involved in raising money for charity and volunteering to help others ever since I was a teenager. In January 2020 I travelled to Sierra Leone on a medical and empowerment mission where I helped hundreds of amputees by delivering desperately needed medication, vaccines and mobility aids to the amputee village.

You can learn more about my work, my missions & how to join me by clicking below.


And the services that can help you


I have coached and mentored people and groups around the world for over 17 years. From national sports champions as young as 8 years old to business executives who pursue constant personal development. Learn more about how my coaching can help you or your business.


My story of overcoming adversity on many occasions, in my youth, losing friends & comrades through suicide & war, and positively improving my own mental health is extremely relative to many people in today’s society. My experiences can be used to help others through my speaking engagements.

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