AJ Roberts

A 15 year experienced British Forces veteran and leader

Using my well developed experience, skills and qualifications combined, I help others along their journeys to become the best version of themselves through my coaching programs, speaking engagements and podcast – The AJ Roberts Show


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An evening with Matt Le Tissier Broadcast

Full interview, LIVE with Matt Le Tissier in Southampton where Matt shares all in detail about his journey as a footballer, a media pundit and what happened to at Sky, and his whole two year journey in detail to being one of the most influential people around speaking out against the narrative.

This interview will open your eyes with many truths revealed.

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My Projects

I have been involved in raising money for charity and volunteering to help others ever since I was a teenager. In January 2020 I travelled to Sierra Leone on a medical and empowerment mission where I helped hundreds of amputees by delivering desperately needed medication, vaccines and mobility aids to the amputee village.

You can learn more about my work, my missions & how to join me by clicking below.



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