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Pharma Detox Workshop


Welcome to this recording of an extra special workshop with AJ Roberts, Farrah Weir and special guest Gillian Ford, a nutritionist and natural health and medicine expert. In this one off workshop we will teach every member HOW to fully detox naturally from pharmaceuticals, namely the recent C19 injections. We’ll teach you exactly what you need for you to allow your body to detox from harsh metals and toxins that over time break the body down, make us more sick and shut us off spiritually from WHO we truly are. Gilly is a Functional & Integrative Dietician, passionate about the importance of nutrition, food, nutraceuticals, epigenetics, gut-brain connection, detoxification and the microbiome in the resolution of disease. Gilly studied dietetics at Natal University and an honors at Pretoria University and has practiced as a nutritionist for over three decades. Her dietetics practice has morphed with courses and diplomas over the years to get a base of knowledge (an umbrella qualification) to cure autism and treat vaccine injuries. She reversed autism in her own children. Some of the courses include toxicology, herbal medicine, integrative & functional nutrition, nutrigenomics, TRE (tremor therapy, Neurofeedback, Kinesiology, psychoneuro immunology, ILT, Nourishing Hope for Autism, PDD, Alternative Medicine in Surgery and True Cellular Detox. Currently Gilly is training colleagues who would like to learn more on original medicine, therefore you can attend this workshop as well even if you haven’t had recent pharmaceuticals to gain far greater knowledge to also help those wishing to detox in your family, work and friendship circles. This workshop is already helping many heal from the toxins and AI in the C19 injections. The workshop, meditation and detox protocol will help you or people in your family and friends to detox and recalibrate to their optimal health.




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